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The HRD system is a certified active explosion suppression system. Highly sensitive detectors can detect an explosion in a matter of milliseconds. The system then opens the valves of the HRD container unit and the pressure of the fire extinguisher pulls out special telescopic nozzles, which ensure efficient dispersion of the fire extinguisher into the entire protected area. Thanks to the HRD system, the increase in explosion pressure is under control – below the limit of the pressure resistance of the protected device, thus securing it against destruction. To effectively protect the entire technology, it is appropriate to supplement the HRD system with an HRD barrier, which prevents the transmission of the explosion to subsequent parts of the technology. The HRD system is certified according to the EN 14373.


The HRD system is a complete package, with HRD container bottles, a control unit (CONEX) and detectors that will send the signal to the bottles to initiate the extinguishing nozzles. The HRD bottle valves boast a dramatic opening time of < 1ms, with which they assure rapid acting protection of your processing system.

explosion suppression systems
HRD process of suppression


The HRD system for explosion suppression is a highly reliable system that provides a solution for indoor and outdoor applications, and can protect toxic and otherwise dangerous materials. It is suitable for a variety of applications including filters/filtration units, industrial vacuum cleaners, silos, mills, dryers, cyclones, conveyors, elevators, mixers, crushers and more. 

Pressure detectors or spark detectors constantly monitor the application’s operating conditions and are able to immediately detect the start of an explosion early. The detectors then send a signal to the control unit which in turn initiate the suppressants discharge for rapid extinguishing. Not only does the control unit handle all signals, but it also serves as a user interface for the operating personnel. The HRD bottles themselves allow for easy handling, simple maintenance and rapid and effective explosion suppression in the initial phase.


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