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Explosion Pentagon

In a variety of processing industries, there will be small particles of material that, at various stages of the manufacturing process, are likely to become airborne. Once dispersed into the air, a potential risk of an explosion presents itself, posing substantial danger to life.

All that is needed for a dust explosion to occur is a flammable dust (such as flour, wheat, sugar, metal, wood), the dispersion of said dust into a contained environment (such as a dust filter, silo or bucket elevator) and an ignition source (such as a spark from faulty machinery or static). The effects of an explosion can be devastating, not only in cost due to production downtime and repairs, but also to the safety of personnel. 

If an application is not protected against the effects of an explosion, it can rapidly propagate from one section of the process to another via connecting ductwork, reaching areas of the factory where workers are situated. 

There are is a wide range of protection, mitigation and prevention methods used to combat the likelihood and effects of an explosion within an industrial process, such as explosion venting, explosion isolation, flameless venting and explosion suppression.

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If you are unsure where to start, we offer free advice to get you on track. We understand that it can be overwhelming when you aren’t totally sure of your process needs, which is why we simplify each step to ensure you end up fully protected and compliant. Call us now to talk to one of our specialists for a no obligation advisory conversation and see how we may be able to help you. 



Application Specific Protection

The first step to running a safe and protected process is to design a solution specific to the application, and that’s where we come in.



Explosion Protection Equipment

We are proud to be the official UK Partner for one of the leading explosion protection manufacturers, globally – so you can rest assured that our supply is one of the best.



Support for Installation

Where necessary, our engineers can handle the installation. Alternatively, we are here for support once your equipment is ready to put in place.



Servicing Equipment

In order to fully comply, explosion protection systems must be serviced according to the manufacturers instructions – our engineers are fully qualified to do this for you.


We have a range of solutions for every application and our products cover a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, distilling, aerospace and food processing.

We prevent, control, extinguish and mitigate risk, stopping an explosion before it forms or gains momentum. This can prevent an explosion from creating potentially life threatening situations in factories and plants nationwide here in the United Kingdom, ensuring safety to surrounding personnel and applications whilst saving thousands of pounds in damages.

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In order to be compliant with current ATEX and DSEAR regulations, get in touch with us today to discuss your explosion protection system needs.


We have combined experience in the explosion protection industry and serve to bring safety into every application to ensure each process is ATEX and DSEAR compliant across the board, limiting risk and working to ensure the highest level of safety.
Charlie Whyman - Managing Director

Charlie Whyman

Managing Director
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Christian Pernack

Lead Service Engineer
Stephanie Cooper - Operations Manager

Stephanie Cooper

Operations Manager


Our goal is to establish ourselves in the industry as a complete solution for Explosion Protection Safety. From design to supply and installation to annual servicing, we are proud to offer our clients a “one stop” service for all of their explosion safety requirements throughout a wide range of industries and processes, such as pharmaceutical, baking, distilling, breweries, woodworking, grain handling and more. 

We do our best to simplify the process for our clients so nothing is left unclear. At Coopatex, we are proud to maintain well established relationships with all types of processing facilities, large and small. We welcome new customers who will receive our guarantee that we will always perform to the best of our abilities, ensuring responsivity, trust and determination to complete projects within factory deadlines and supply equipment at the best lead time possible.


We are proud to offer the complete range of protection from RSBP, one of the leading manufacturers of explosion protection systems globally.

explosion protection system

Explosion Vent Panels

Explosion venting is the most economical and cost effective method of safely relieving an explosion before it can build. We strive to offer the best possible lead time for our customers and understand the need for rapid dispatch in emergency situations where spare vent panels are needed urgently. Keeping spare panels in storage on site is highly recommended, so please get in touch if you feel this is necessary for your process.

Flameless Venting

Flameless Venting

When venting is necessary but it is not possible to vent the explosion to a safe area, not occupied by personnel or surrounding equipment, flameless venting is the solution. Inside is a VMP explosion vent panel, housed by a flame quenching mesh that will ensure no flames or harsh fumes can harm workers on site or cause damage to surrounding equipment.

Explosion Isolation BFV 3

Explosion Isolation

To prevent an explosion from propagating into connecting processes via the ductwork, an explosion flap valve or barrier valve is used to stop the explosion in its tracks. As soon as the explosion begins, the very first pressure wave will slam the valve plate shut, keeping neighbouring processes safe and protected.

HRD process of suppression


The HRD Suppression equipment from RSBP is one of the best available on the market. Suppressants are released from the HRD bottles as soon as an ignition is detected in an application. This is fast-acting explosion protection in the most effective form and provides a flexible solution for the most challenging processes.



Explosion protection systems are important in industries where flammable materials like chemicals, gases, or dust are present. It helps avoid catastrophic explosions that can cause damage to equipment, harm people, and disrupt production processes.

Explosion isolation employs barriers or valves to stop the propagation of an explosion in connecting pipelines or ductwork. These devices close immediately when an explosion is detected which prevents it from spreading to other processes.

The maintenance and service frequency depends on various factors, such as industry regulations, specific equipment requirements, and site conditions.

Certainly! Coopatex offers installation support whenever needed and the engineers are qualified to service the equipment, ensuring safety and compliance.

Several methods are employed to protect facilities from explosions, depending on risks and specific needs. These include flameless venting, explosion venting, explosion suppression, and explosion isolation. Every method serves a distinctive purpose in mitigating the risks associated with explosions.


We are waiting to discuss your explosion safety requirements, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you would like to receive a quotation or you are just looking for more information, we are here to help.




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